Crystal Bridges Logo Crystal Bridges Museum Partners with ETLO on Innovative Online Courses for High School Students
posted 12/11/14

In a partnership with the unique Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, ETLO is developing engaging free online courses and resources. One of the courses, "Museum Mash-Up," will challenge high school students to make their own meaning of art. Blending art and history exploration, the course will immerse students in thinking about what artists were going through at the time they created their work; examining the impact of identity, conflict, and environment on art; and connecting what they learn to their own life and world. Students will also learn about museum careers and, in a culminating project, curate a virtual exhibition.

Read more about ETLO's partnership with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art here

TERC Logo TERC and ETLO Discuss Converting Face-to-Face Activities to Online
posted 11/18/14

When looking to convert face-to-face professional development workshops to online courses, the education nonprofit TERC turned to the ETLO team for support and collaboration. During the development process, TERC and ETLO faced the challenge of converting the hands-on, interactive, and collaborative experiences from face-to-face professional development, to online courses. Challenges include balancing the "talk" with the "do" to maintain engagement, and attending to different learning styles.

Myriam Steinback and Cynthia Garland-Dore from TERC and Liz Farmer from ETLO recently shared their experience with this process during an interactive webinar. During the webinar, they shared ways to maximize collaboration among online participants and the importance of online courses being led by a trained facilitator. The webinar recording and resources are available on the ETLO Webinar Series website.

iNACOL Conference Logo Join ETLO at the iNACOL Conference
posted 11/4/14

ETLO's Interim Director, Kirsten Peterson, will be co-presenting with Anne Kraybill from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Bruce Friend from Friend Consulting during the iNACOL Online and Blended Learning Symposium on Wednesday, November 5th at 1:30 PM.

The presentation, entitled Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art: Expanding Education in the Visual Arts through Digital Learning will focus on the innovative online course for high school students being developed by ETLO. The course focuses on American art and history and enables students to discuss and interpret paintings from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and other museums throughout the country while also learning about careers in museums. ETLO will also be collaborating with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art to create a teacher portal with resources from the course.

Screenshot from online resources developed by MIT and ETLO MIT and ETLO Collaborate on Innovative Resource
posted 11/4/14

Two new online resources were developed by MIT and with the support of EdTech Leaders Online through the MCCWDTA grant to the fifteen community colleges in Massachusetts. 

Introduction to Problem Solving Skills and Improving Observation Skills are contextualized to advanced manufacturing and designed to support blended learning implementation in community colleges and beyond.

ETLO October Newsletter Screenshot Read ETLO's Latest Newsletter
posted 11/4/14

We're celebrating fifteen years of EdTech Leaders Online (ETLO), sending best wishes to Barbara Treacy as she moves on from ETLO and talking about our upcoming webinar and conference presentations in our October ETLO Update newsletter.

TERC Partners with ETLO to Create Online PD
posted 9/22/14

This fall, ETLO continues an ongoing partnership with TERC to develop media-rich online professional development courses for TERC’s national elementary math curriculum, Investigations.

Three courses (Making Sense of Fractions, Implementing Investigations, and Computational Fluency and the Common Core) have been developed over the last two years and are currently being offered to educators around the country.

A fourth course will be developed this fall, focusing on supporting math learning, and two more will be developed in 2015. For more information about the courses currently being offered, please visit


Join ETLO for Upcoming Free Webinars
posted 9/22/14

We're kicking off our 2015 webinar series on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 3PM Eastern Time (Add to Calendar) with a webinar on Expanding Innovation in the Visual Arts through Digital LearningThis webinar will feature EdTech Leaders Online's partnership with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Webinar presenters will be Anne Kraybill from Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bruce Friend from Friend Consulting and Kirsten Peterson from EdTech Leaders Online (ETLO).

During this interactive webinar, learn more about innovative free online courses for high school students that focus on American art and history. These courses enable students to discuss and interpret paintings from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and other museums throughout the country while also learning about careers in museums. In addition to courses for students, this webinar will discuss online training courses for teachers and resources that will be available for educators in a teacher portal. Webinar presenters will discuss the process of collaborating and designing effective online courses that align with learning outcomes. Webinar participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their own experience with online course design. To join this webinar, please use the following link to enter ETLO's Collaborate Webinar Room:

Our second webinar of the year will take place on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 3PM Eastern Time (Add to Calendar) and will focus on Building Critical Listening Skills Using Online Tools. During this live webinar, Monica Brady-Myerov, veteran public radio journalist and founder and CEO of Listen Current, will explore the role of online tools in building critical listening skills in students of all ages. Webinar participants will learn about tools they can use to help students build critical listening skills. They will also explore how to use mobile devices and computers to record sound and edit it in the classroom. To join this webinar, please use the following link to enter ETLO's Collaborate Webinar Room:

Pre-registration is not required for either webinar and webinars will be recorded and posted on the ETLO Webinar Series website

Have you missed any of our previous webinars? Visit the ETLO Webinar Series website to view recordings and download resources.

Read Our Latest Newsletter
posted 9/22/14

Learn about ETLO's upcoming conference presentations and webinars, partnership with TERC, development of open educational resources (OER) repository and more in our September ETLO Update newsletter.

Free Webinar Free Webinar on Using Google Docs in Online Course Design
posted 7/29/14

Join ETLO on Tuesday, August 12th at 3 PM Eastern Time (Time Zone Converter) for a webinar focusing on Designing an Online Course with the Help of Google Docs. During this interactive webinar, Leesa Potts and Diana Garrison from Virtual Arkansas will share how they used Google Docs and Google Drive as they developed content for a personal finance online course designed for high school students.

While participating in ETLO's Online Course Design online course facilitated by Lesley Reilly, Leesa and Diana maintained an organized system of folders in Google Drive for each module of the course which allowed for seamless collaboration during course development and allowed additional contributors to provide them with feedback on their work in progress.

Each module of their course creatively presents content through a mix of text, Voki (audio enhanced) scenarios, and other multimedia. A variety of assignments throughout the course allow students to apply what they learn in ways that meet a variety of learning styles.

Webinar participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their own experience with using Google Docs for online course development and collaboration.

To access ETLO's Collaborate Webinar Room for the August 12th webinar:

  • Visit: at the scheduled time.
  • Type your name in the text box and select "Log In." 
  • You may be prompted to download the software required for Collaborate and you will need the most recent version of Java.

Pre-registration is not required for this free webinar. The webinar will be recorded and posted on the ETLO Webinar page.


Hope you can join us!

ETLO Director Speaking at BLC14 Conference
posted 7/14/14

Join ETLO Director, Barbara Treacy, at the innovative Building Learning Communities (BLC) Education Conference. Hosted by Alan November, an international leader in education technology, the BLC Conference is being held at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston.

Barbara will be leading the following sessions:

For registration information and more details about the BLC14 Conference, visit



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